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Brand new nose plugs

Just finished just over 500 nose plugs, tons of colors to choose from.

We've got wire in white, blue, red, orange, green, brown, yellow, and black.

Pads come in blue, black, red and yellow. We also offer to do customs such as the rasta, Bronco, Superman etc.

These have been tested/sold at the pools, getting great responses from lots of people, paddle shops are starting to pick them up.

I'm going to sell them online for $5 each, for a limited time. Then you'll have to check with paddle shops.

Hope you like them, just trying to give back. Pics loaded in the rodeo stuff. If you have any comments or would like to buy them PM or call 720-291-6945.

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Did you just seriously knock a bunch of great foreign paddling pictures off the buzz with four pics of ******* nose plugs? The fourth close-up really details the advantages of your plugs verse the competitors. I was just thinking to myself, "If only there were pink and yellow nose plugs, I might be able to stomp that helix I've been working on so hard down at Golden." Now I definitely know where I'll be purchasing my next pair of NRS plugs - at Confluence or CKS - respectable businesses who buy ads and actually support the community. If only the Chunder was here with a jagged broken AT to offer you....

Two other thoughts for the kiddies out there:
1. The only reason to paddle a playboat in Colorado is to get good enough to paddle a creeker.
2. "You gotta learn how to paddle without nose plugs so that one day when your kid has a picture of you dropping a 40 footer on his bedroom wall, you won't look like a fag" - Tommy Guns. Now go see the pic your pink plugs bumped. Most people consider me a pretty nice guy, but I was really excited about that pic.
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dude , my fault , I just thought you guys would be pumped for me . I wanted to show you what I thought would be cool and work better than the shit thats out there now . I just started this so I'm sorry I can't buy an ad. But for the first response to be so negitive !
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Joe, Check out the bumpage. Pic's not quite as clear. Just because you're such a nice nicerer than niceosity dude...and it's a freakin' sic pic.

Oh yeah, remember that one boof on that one drop by that one big rock? That was sic!!
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Where did all the noseplug pictures go? I had it narrowed down to Bronco and Superman, but now all I can find are pictures of scary waterfalls. How am I going to decide?

In the future, I wish all of you "extreme" kayakers wouldn't bump useful product information. I mean, these noseplugs have been tested AT THE POOLS.

The next time you are practicing your combat roll next to the bleacher hole and you get water up your nose due to substandard noseplugs, don't come crying to me Joe.
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Don't sweat the smack from a nurse. He's jealous. Good luck with getting your business off the ground.
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Hey Bob,
Don't worry about it. You're obviously new. Here is a link to a discussion we had on this very topic previously to help you understand these young fellas angst.
Evan Stafford
Cub boater: "What do the spiders mean?" Old fart boater: "Trust your intuition." CRCII
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I hate to say it Joe, but those nose plugs may have more style than you. At least Evan did his best to make you look good...
Kyle McCutchen
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WOW!!! Joe I have never seen somebody get so butt hurt about their photo getting bumped, you vain son of a bitch you! Hopefully Jackson won't kick you off the team or anything, because your pick got bumped for some nose plugs. Give me a break dude. You know I love you dude, but just breathe for a sec. This guy is just trying to make a few bucks on the side without selling drugs. So maybe someday he can go to mexico, and huck a bigger drop than maybe even you. So let him dream big!

"Ain't a single rock in this river that can stop us!" Slug
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i'm not sure about style there switchback, joe definetly has style but those noseplugs are much better looking than the mank team captian.

ps. i went skiing this weekend and i'm pretty sure i would have been faster than you.
The high side of good - Daniel D
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