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New River Academy Seeking Science and History Teachers
Fall 06 Destinations: Canada, US, Costa Rica
Spriong 07 Destinations: Chile, Argentina, US, and Canada

A. History Teacher
B. Science Teacher
C. Spanish applicants will be considered for later semesters.

Note: NRA is currently in need of female applicants.

Job description:
The New River Academy is a college prepatory academic institution with an extracurricular focus on whitewater kayaking and international travel.
A. Educators will teach three to four preps/day on a six period schedule. Eg- Natural sciences instructor: period 1- biology, period 2- planning, period 3 physics, period 4- chemistry, period 5 planning, period 6 elective.
B. Class size: we have a 2.5:1 student to teacher ratio.
C. River running: there will be lots of that. Educators are not expected to participate in river runs nor do they have to be able to paddle. Experienced paddlers will help with river logistics and safety at times.
D. Travel: Travel this year is throughout the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, and Argentina. Faculty are required to help with driving, travel logistics…
E. Other duties may include but not limited to: cook crew once/wk, mentor, food shopping, logistics coordination, shuttle buddy, planning community service project, leading an international alternative kayak activity…

Who should not apply:
A. Persons with no teaching experience.
B. Persons below the age of 25.
C. Persons who can not teach all secondary level courses within one of the core subjects listed above.

A. All expenses paid to international destinations.
B. Pinnacle of educational models: motivated and well behaved students, 2.5:1 ratio, students are passionate about kayaking, inspiring educational environments...
C. Tons of kayaking.

1. Do I need a teaching certificate? Educators with teaching certificates are highly preferred by NRA administration. Although, we hire applicants with exceptional leadership skills/experience and a strong academic degree in their subject area.
2. Is there potential to grow within the Huge Experiences organization? Yes, returning employees have the first option to advance into leading our international trips. Additionally, proven employees have the option to advance into administrative positions during the out of school months.
3. What is the pay? Educators are paid a base pay rate for teaching four courses. Employees have the opportunity to earn additional pay incentives by accepting and accomplishing additional group duties. Examples of some additional duties: Associate Head of School (field principal), coach, food coordinator, assistant coach, families and friends reporter, teach an AP course, teach a fifth course…
4. Where can I find more information?,, or
5. How do I apply? Contact [email protected] for application materials. Additonally, you should call 304-640-1001 to make an initial contact.

“…and that has made all the difference.”

David Hughes
Director- New River Academy “The Academy of Huge Experiences”
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