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Woven cat frame floor

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Hi, I'm looking for information on how to properly install a woven strap floor on my cat frame. If anyone out there is willing to share some tips or throw me some advice I would appreciate it. Some info on the best type of strapping to use, and any tricks to keep it all nice and tight.

Thanks in advance, hope to hear from a few of you.
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I started a thread about mine a couple of years ago- you should be able to search it up.

1 1/2" polyester seat belt webbing is just about ideal. Start and end it with the double loop sliders- I bought my stuff from Strapworks- but beware, they did NOT send me the continuous item I was taped 1/2 way thru the roll. Fortunately, I had enough to do the job.

First run is just a spiral- run that crosses that is where all the weaving happens. Leave a little extra length on the spiral in case you have to loosen it a little as you near the end of your tightens as you go. You can tighten at the end, no problem. The seat belt webbing does not stretch noticeably- ends up tight as a drum and very stable. It is also extremely durable. You want to get right up to the end and into each corner to avoid an entrapment risk. Not hard, just do your measurements and order your webbing in an appropriate width to ensure it leaves a small enough gap to eliminate holes a foot could get wedged into. You will not have to worry about anything between the weave- it is tight and stable when complete.

Let me know if you need pics or have ?'s. It's a great way to go- you will love it.

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My original thread is called Webbing a Cataraft Floor- search function will find it

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Thanks Osseous, new to the site and after figuring how to search a bit better read your thread. No need to reinvent the wheel here, think I got what I needed off your previous posts. Thanks again for pointing my in the right direction.
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