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yep, here's anothr transplant story.............lived in the crested butte for a few, and as is typical would up with 1200 rent, and five jobs to make it all happen. Thought about the life, and now rolling the re-group, and gear up attitude. Most of the folks i saw living in small mountains towns, were either trusties, or local contactors. Im a welder with my own metal fabrication goodness. Im thinking telluride. spend 500$ for a room, 1000 for a storage unit, and role.

Been guiding in the ark valley for 8, and some othe places too, just not satisfied with the cash flow.

have buisness will travle, just don't wanna roll in, and step on toes....

lemme know your thoughts.

Im familiar with the ark valley, moved away from PB ville, cause it "snowed" way to much.looking to make this move the last..... durango is not the thought.maybe telluride?
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