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Hi everybody!

Just a quick note to say that I have decided to open a week for Women only in connection with my Norway Daze trips in july and august this summer... The maximum is eight girls, and we will be playboating, riverrunning, creeking and in general having a great time in one of the most beautiful countries in the world..
We have more than twenty rivers to chose from, (and no, not all rivers in Norway are class five..!) all surrounding my farm which has belonged to my family for almost a thousand years, some amazing scenery and history literally on our doorstep. The log-style lodge itself which you will be staying in is from 1604 and even comes with its own family ghost..:)

If you are looking for a new exotic place to go which will improve your paddling abilities and mental game, along with experiencing one of the oldest cultures in the world, drop me a line at...

[email protected]

See you on the river!

Mariann Saether
MARIANNSAETHER.COM [People Profiles] / Mariann Sæther, a profiled female kayaker
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