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The size of this list should be a sign as to the depth of information in the new guide. The next time you see these people please thank them for hooking all of us up with the beta and photos.

Contributors, please email us (starting the night of April 18, WED) at [email protected] with your name and shipping address. If you think your name should be on this list, and it is not, then send me a PM and I'll look into it. The list is alphabetical by first name. Books will be sent when they arrive in May.


The List:
Aaron Mulkey
Aaron Pruzan
Adam Crane
Adam Jess
Adam Welch
Adrian Matthew Glasenapp
Alex Hearding
Alex Henes
Alisa Pane
Allen Jones
Andre Spino Smith
Atom Crawford
Ben Copithorn
Ben Costello
Ben Horton
Benji Thunnel
Brad Higinbotham
Brad Modesitt
Brad Teets
Brent Capshaw
Brett Faike
Brett Hochmuth
Brian Adkins
Brian Gardel
Brian Ledoux
Brian Price
Brook Aitken
Bruno Lutz
Bryan Owen
Carrie Mehr
Carson King
Chad Dyson
Chris Clinansmith
Chris Hofer
Chris Larsen
Chris Menges
Chris Morrison
Chris Smith
Chris Tracy
Dan Crain
Dan Laucks
Dan Piano
Dan Steaves
Dana Kopf
Daniel Vogenbeck
Darren Beck
Darren Livingston
Dave Bumgarner
Dave Collins
Dave Frank
Dave Fusilli
Dave Pegg
Dave Pennington
Dave Schroeder
David Goforth
Donnie Smith
Doran Mgwire
Dustin Obrien
Ed Ho
Erik Gatewood
Ethan Greene
Evan Ross
Fred Zacherl
George Swan
Gordon Dalton
Greg Von Doersten
Gus Gusciora
Holly Gardel
Ian Horn
Jared Johnson
Jarett Von Cziesch
Jason Roberts
Jed Policky
Jed Selby
Jeff Moag
Jen Ross
Jennifer Buck
Jeremy Laucks
JJ Hannah
Joe Burgess
Joe Keck
John Wade
Jonathan Selkowitz
Josh Heise
Josh Sandage
Justin Johnson
Karen Estee
Katie Selby
Ken “Hobie” Hoeve
Kent Perillo
Kevin Colburn
Kevin Crochetiere
Kevin Driscoll
Kevin Fisher
Kevin Sloan
Kevin Thompson
Kirk Rorrer
La Plata County Office of Emergency Mgt.
Larry Rice
Lee McCutchen
Leif Embertson
Len Eckstein
Luke Urbine
Lyle Phetteplace
Macy Burnam
Marcia Ready
Mark Cohen
Mark Olson
Marty Cronin
Matt Booth
Matt Solomon
Matt Wagner
Max Sullivan
Megan Titensor
Melissa Mora
Michael Barton
Mike Hagadorn
Mike Paris
Mike Taveras
Nate Klema
Ned Stitt
Neil Beidleman
Nick Hinds
Nick Wigston
Nicole Wigston
Nora Flucke
Norm Cooling
Patrick Forester
Paul Ronto
Paul Siratovich
Pete Stromberg
Peter Benedict
Randy Ramirez
Randy Welch
Rebecca Wilkerson
Reed Koeneke
Richard Koshak
Ron Karpilo
Ron Lodders
Ryan Rennegar
Sam Chesley
Sam Creacy
Sarah Kemper
Scott Baker
Scott Heger
Scott McCorvey
Shane Robinson
Skye Boktzian
Soraya Jacob
Scott Willoughby
Steve Kahn
Steve Ward
Steven Steinberg
Teresa Penbroke
Tim Hawkins
Tim Payne
Tina Swan
Todd Gillman
Todd Patrick
Tom Aex
Tom Bol
Tom Fernandez
Toni Axelrod/TevaMountainGames
Tony Czech
Trevor Schatz
Tye Eyden
Tyler Williams
Tyson Titensor
Wendy Knick
Yonton Mehler

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What about Life's Mom!

She worked really hard this last year. . . if you know what I mean. Where would we be without her warm, thick and chunky campbells soup? Not to mention all the other, hard to quantify, acts of kindness preformed at many take outs/put ins over the summer.


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I looked through a copy at Alpine Quest last week and have to say you guys did an awesome job. Great information, tons of rivers, great stories and photos. Nice work and good luck with the book. I'm sure it will be a resource for paddlers for many years to come.

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