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Hey all, sorry to bomb you with C &K info but this is cool stuff. This review is from Canoe and Kayak's Whitewater Magazine. Pick up a copy, on sale now. It includes the 2009 WW Photo Annual, Old Man Ripper-A 411 to regional boating through the eyes of locals (Ed Conning exposed), a feature on Dan Gavere, Competitive Kayaking's Last Stand, and an incredible interview with Cody Howard-one of the best stories in all of kayaking. Plus a creek racing how-to from Shane Benedict and a rewind of all the great boats on the market this year.

Be sure and pick up our whitewater buyer's guide in the December issue of Whitewater magazine.

This is a link to our Wet Suit, Drysuit review in the mag. Nacho Libre forever baby:

2009 Drysuit, Wetsuit Roundup
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