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what are the good whitewater kayaker mags? I need one to subscribe to, in the same vein and style as Powder is to skiing. suggestions? looking for gear reviews and good beta on runs from all over the country, pics, stories, technique, ect. most seem to be more general to paddle sports rather than whitewater boating.


Kayak Mag would be the ticket!


:lol: Kinda shameless since I work for them but just go to and you can subscribe. We put it out 2 times a year and this spring issue rocks! We reported on "The Nations Best Park and Hucks", "Kayak's Guide to Boating Abroad", "The highest waterfall debate, Dave Grove's 101 foot falls", "5 reasons kayakers are single", "Red Bull and Boating","A kayaking samplein of the Canadian Rockies", a playboat reveiw of what is new, and the skills piece you have requested "Keys to Creeking". There is much more too! We are really stepping it up.

Another that has great pictures and suspect editorial (reads like it is written by Euros) would be Kayak Session. That is quarterly.

Nick Hinds[/i]
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