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Hi Guys!!
I am an outdoor enthusiast and am currently trying to get my college to include an outdoor element on my otherwise indoor sports course. I can help do this by doing a research project on outdoor sports (namely whitewater sports). so if you have a spare two minutes it would be greatly appreciated if you could fill in this survey!
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I started to fill out your survey, but you ask if I've ever had or known someone to have had an injury. I've seen several and I'm not sure if I should select all the appropriate answers or focus on just one injury. The survey seems designed for someone who's only had or seen one injury.
I found the same problem as xena. In my years I have seen dozens of injuries. Everything from minor bruises, to an amputation required from an infection from an open paddling blister. Some injuries like cuts, you notice instantly. Some injuries to joints or ligaments (like a shoulder) usually are not addressed quickly, and progressively get worse over the years. In my experiences though, most injuries are not caused by the river, but from people not paying attention (and letting go of their t grip).
Yeah.... I just marked "various" for just about everything. This is not a great survey.
Most questions I filled in most boxes.
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