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To Charlie Walbridge, AW Safety Editor - [email protected]

There were 14 Kayak,11 Canoe, 3 Commercial Raft,10 Private Raft, and 3 'Other" craft involved in a total of 34 accidents and 37 deaths.

19 of the deaths were men over the age of 40.

The primary causes: 10 No PFD's carried or worn, 7 caught by Low Head Dam hydraulics, 8 Flush Drownings, and 4 Strainer Pins.

Distribution by state: Colorado 4, California 3. There were also 3 in Virginia, all low-head dam related. Many states had 2 deaths in moving water.

Date, State, Name, Age, Boat, River, Section, Class, Cause

2010-06-29 VA Unidentified boy 9 Kayak North Fork Shenandoah R. Above Shen’doah Caverns X Low-Head Dam

2010-06-27 OK Aaron Reed 24 Canoe Mountain Fork River ??

2010-06-27 SD Jeremy Rogers, Sierra Rogers, Andrew Korth 38,11,26 Canoe Belle Fourche River X Low Head Dam

2010-06-25 CO Milton Crosby, Lon Mills 79,74 Raft Arkansas River Salida to Rincon III No PFD,Low Head Dam

2010-06-24 ID Michael Blankartz 28 Canoe Spokane River Post Falls Dam to State Line II PFD Not Worn

2010-06-22 IL Adam Stapleton 32 Kayak Salt Creek Strainer

2010-06-21 CA Grady l. Singletary 47 Comm/Raft Kaweah River Park Boundary to Dinley Bridge IV Blunt Force Trauma

2010-06-19 IN Fred DiGenova 43 Kayak Eel River X Low-Head Dam

2010-06-14 CA Timothy “Bo” James 53 Kayak Brush Creek Rincon Camp to Kern R IV Flush Drowning

2010-06-14 CA Dr .Leon Wescombe (Australian) 29 Kayak Middle Fork Cosumnes R. FS Route 9N60 to Mt. Aukum Rd IV ??

2010-06-12 UT Lawrence Evero 47 Raft Colorado River Rose Ranch to Moab II Flush Drowning

2010-06-12 ND Unidentified Man 40 Canoe Kettle River IV No PFD

2010-06-09 MT James Dewhurst 55 Comm/Raft Rock Creek Mid & W Fk. conf. to Clark Fork R No PFD, Wearing waders

2010-06-05 CO William Spang 48 Raft Eagle River Dowd Chutes IV Flush Drowning

2010-06-04 ID Michael Fitzpatrick 59 Raft Middle Fork Salmon River Dagger Falls to Cache Bar IV Flush Drowning

2010-06-03 NC Allen Brisson 22 Pool Chair Tuckasegee River Dillsboro to Rt. 1392 II No PFD

2010-05-30 CO Robert Reiter 20 Raft Piedra River 1st Fork Bridge to Lower Piedra CG IV Strainer

2010-05-30 CO Nikki Innes 22 Raft Arkansas River Buena Vista to Fisherman's Br. III Strainer

2010-05-24 OK Derek Richardson 31 Kayak Arkansas River In Tulsa, OK No PFD, Low head dam

2010-05-15 PA Tom Bonafini 59 Kayak Stonycreek Canyon Third Ugly Sister III Heart attack

2010-05-15 UT Michael DonCarlos 37 Raft Colorado Cataract Canyon; Big Drop #2 IV Flush Drowning

2010-05-04 VA Ryan Schultz, 22 Kayak Shenandoah River Near Shannondale Springs WMA Solo Paddler

2010-05-03 KY Robert Archer 55 Kayak Green River Strainer, High water

2010-04-25 TN Mikah Grant 29 Tube North Chick-amaga Creek Bowater Parking Area to Hwy 27 IV No PFD

2010-04-24 UT 2 Unidentified Men 20’s Raft North Fork Virgin River Zion Narrows IV No PFD

2010-04-12 VA Koltom BrinKarnes 5 John Boat Dan River Near X Low Head Dam

2010-04-07 VA Mark Grand 51 Kayak North Fork Shenandoah R. Above Shen’doah Caverns X Low Head Dam

2010-04-07 UK Simon Fletcher 19 Kayak River Tay Grandtully, Scotland Entrapment

2010-04-07 UK Philip Kelly Connie Smith 31,34 Kayak RiverClodagh Ireland X Low Head Dam Race Training

2010-04-06 UK Emily Parker 20 Kayak River Coe Glencoe, Scotland Flush Drowning

2010-04-01 PA George Lockey Jr. 62 Kayak Red Moshannon Peale Bridge to W Br. Susquehanna II Massive Stroke

2010-03-25 NH Alan Benjamin 65 Kayak Connecticut River Near Hanover, NH No PFD,
Solo Paddler

2010-03-22 MO Wesley Wood 55 Canoe Shoal Creek Near Neosho, MO X Low Head Dam

2010-03-22 WV Allan Keith Stewart 52 CommlRaft Cheat River Canyon IV Flush Drowning, Health Problems

2010-03-21 MA James P. O'Brien 47 Kayak Hubbard Brook Granville S.P. to Route 20 V bad hydraulic

2010-03-21 NJ Robert Baldwin 58 Canoe Delaware River Lambertville Wing Dam III Flush Drowning, Hypothermia

2010-03-20 MA Edward Lynde 53 Kayak Green River Near Greenfield, MA Strainer

2010-03-07 OR Unidentified Man ? Canoe Willamette River Near Springfield, OR Flush Drowning, Hypothermia

2010-02-27 NH Cassandra Ray 21 Canoe Exeter River In Raymond, NH Washed Under Ice

2010-01-14 Ecuador Chad Stoner(American) 36 Kayak Anzu River III Equipment trap, S-skirt Snagged

2010-01-18 N.Z. Unidentified woman 55 Raft Mohara River IV Pinned Under Rock
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