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Which Pizza Oven

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Thinking about a Christmas gift for me...I mean my wife :) I saw that Solo Stove came out with a portable pizza oven and that got me thinking.. And then I starting looking and there are tons of them available! Oonie and Roccbox get good reviews. And it seems they are easier to use with better insulation then the Solo. And the Solo is a little small. ( it will take a ton of 12 inch pizzas to feed a big group) I want one you can add wood to obviously. But I wonder how hard some of these would be to pack on a boat? I know the solo would pack well, and I used a campfire unit each night on the grand. For those that say Dutch, I say this would be easier and pop out multiple pizzas of a useable size faster.
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I love my pie irons!
Mine are under-utilized. You should start a pie-iron thread. Would be cool to see how others use theirs.

I did make some pretty epic midnight drunk munchy Monte Cristos about 10 years ago while camped at the Lochsa. Made turkey, ham and cheese sammies, dunked in pancake batter, then grilled and dipped in huckleberry jam.
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