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wheres everybody at ?

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royal gorge tommorow ? Heard maybe big t was coming up ? Where's the best water ? Tired of numbers. Baileyfest heartbreak gettin the best of me. Anybody ? Tomorrow ?
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sunday ?? C'mon slackers ! Were runnin outa time !
I'd be up for running Parkdale and the Gorge. I'll carry lunch too. Can take a few from Denver.
hey Andy, that could work. I'm in Lakewood, how long of a run is parkdale ? Got two that would love to ride along with you. Call me. Steve 719 994 6427.
any other kayakers wanna join ? The more the merrier.
Mr. Skill Killer, boat with Andy. Super fun times. :D
Too late to join up? Got a buddy in town from Georgia and looking for something diff from the numbers..been on it too much!
Anyone want to run the Gorge next weekend? I am going to head from Denver and camp. Pry run it Saturday and Sunday.

Feel free to PM me and we can trade contact info.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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