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Where to go in OR/WA???

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Looking at heading up to OR/WA in a week or so. As of now I am considering checking out Hood River / White Salmon, Bend area, Klamath, then south through California.

Leaving in a week or so. I will have my kayak, mt. bike, maybe dirt bike.
I will be mostly solo, and would love to get some good paddling (up to CL IV) and biking in. And just see some really cool places!

Where should I go??????? Those w/ local knowledge, Thanks!!!!!
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There are a number of threads here with good information for you. I'll summarize from my area (NW part of Oregon):

Hood River has everything you are looking for. The White salmon river is a classic and just across the bridge. check out for trip information.

The Upper Clackamas (3 lynx run) is ELF land right now, and hard to get to because of some fire damage.

The north santiam is beautiful this time of year (Class II+ to III-) and there are a lot of spawning salmonids to see.

The Deschutes near Bend runs year round and is a fun III+ run. Lot of good biking near Bend too.
N Santiam and McKenzie

Not sure if you are planning to hit the valley (you mentioned coming "up" to OR/WA, but didn't say from where), but if so I second laterwagged on the North Santiam suggestion. It's come up quite a bit in the last week or so, and should be a Class III run right now. BTW, it's pool drop, and the salmon were plentiful last I was there.

I would also check out the McKenzie River if you can. Amazingly scenery, crystal clear water, and nonstop action. Olallie Campground to Paradise Campground is 9 fast miles, and a good continuous Class II with Class III features here and there (careful solo b/c a swim could be lengthy and/or result in lost gear - basically no pools anywhere on this stretch). I shuttled by bike and it's a nice ride; uphill the entire way, but steady and gradual. Hit me up if you're in the area and looking for people to join you.
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