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Where to Boat? Salida, Golden, Lawson,

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My girlfriend and I are headed towards the front range to do some boating/climbing/fishing and wondering what playspots are in right now. As I recall Golden is good at 900 cfs (where it is now) but I have no idea what Lawson is like. What about the Lyons park? Trying to strategically hit a few on the way/on the way back towards a 2-3 day self support on the upper C. Also could be interested in a class III/IV run sometime this weekend if there is one that is good read and run. Thanks!
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You must not be from these parts!?

If you can, get the hell off of the front range and hit up BV and Salida. Take your play boat on Browns Canyon. Great free camping on the river next to the numbers section. Much better fishing. The fish are hungry right now.

Thanks Miker. I live in Carbondale but have to make a trip to Denver and be there by Saturday mid day, so it would be sweet to have a few play spots to hit on the way. Salida is like a second home so it is certainly on the radar, I've just always heard about Lawson, but have no idea what flows it is good at (I like tricks). Thanks!
In that case you might as well hit Lawson on your way. Cold water - a good idea to have ear plugs. Golden play play wave is good right now.
I got a hell of a ride in Cripps hole today but I don't suggest it. I'd head through the ark if it was me but if you are interested doing Friday early run on clear creek. Have talked Lawson but might just be lower clear creek.
Go to Gunnison, then over Cottonwood to Buena Vista. Then head north over Battle Mountain to the Eagle to check out Bob's hole. Then on to the Vail park on Gore Creek. It may or may not be worth stopping for, but there is a freestyle feature on Tenmile Creek right next to Tenmile kayak in Frisco. Next down the line would be Lawson and then Golden...imo.
If you want read and run IV, CC has many good choices. Play at Lawson. Float til it gets boring and hitch back. Drive down the canyon. Put in right below rigor. Take out at the damn and hitch shuttle. Then play in golden if you're not satiated.

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