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What raft is best for grooming ski trails? What size should I get if I want an 8 ft wide packed trail? Is PVC or Hypalon better at packing snow? I've heard that Avon rafts are poverty rafts but do they still work for grooming? Will rocky mountain rafts be worth anything after the 5 year grooming warranty expires? I know I don't want to get an Aire as I might get snow in the zippers and they will freeze.

No just kidding!. I thought I would poke a little fun at most of the discussions on MB and share with you an alternative use for the raft. When it snows in Boise its time to get the boat out on the other type of White Water (Snow) to pack some trails for nordic skiing. In all honesty a bucket boat would have been better as we ended up dragging it sideways to avoid ruts between the tubes and the floor. It ended up skiing pretty good!


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