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Absolutely nothing, but as long as I'm posting, I figured I'd knock out two birds with one stone.
Stone 1:
Shameless plug for a writeup on our trip to Norway. click on the blog update....stay tuned for more to come....waterfalls and gorges
Stone 2:
I am happy to announce to the world that the Buckle has been brought to D town. Our very own Cutch brought home the title today, taking the competition all the way to the podium. And just to get the shit talking started in ernest: Kyle ran the Narrows, upper, middle, and lower for the first time today, AND, of the 3 D town boys to show up to the FTC dominated forum, 2 made it to the finals. With that said, I will try and maintain some sense of humility by noting that I was crushed by not only Kyle, but JJ and Leif in the finals. Awesome day boys....I'll be gunning to keep the buckle in the big city next year.
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