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Hockey is an incredible sport. Was really cool to be welcomed into it as an adult beginner. People are so eager to share their passion. It's not like the river permit thread where people are getting a bit stand-offish toward newbies because they represent additional competition for players are like "Hey, you wanna be a crazy hockey player like me? Fuck yeah!"

And I love the speed and intensity of the sport. The difficulty. The million decisions you have to make at one time. And the raw athleticism. I was not an "athlete" growing up, and I love that it helps unathletic kids embrace athleticism. My biggest reward right now is mentoring a mildly autistic/highly ADHD boy to play a team sport. First 2 years were a bit of a struggle and now he's GROWING and MATURING and connecting with his teammates.

And my little introverted daughter who doesn't make friends easily showed up in a college town and had a text 3 hours after arriving inviting her to join a former opponent's adult league team.

hockey is awesome.
Cant say enough about the sport, life lessons learned, resiliency adopted and friendships created. Sticks out for Teddy

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I am so stoked (yep, grew up in the early 60's) to read and see the fantastic and interesting stuff you all are doing
Oh, and me....using the CBD cream, recovering from a stress fracture and MOHS surgery :( :( :(
Keep those pics coming, it will keep me motivated for healing and getting back out there!

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Hope you kept that crotch rocket between your legs! 馃槀
Hahaha! Freaking things are soooo dangerous. It's a wonder they let them build them! My favorite is getting!? "I'll just rip up there and smash hrs layer.." yahaha! I'll come down and ride with you guys soon!!!!!

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Over the course of a couple weekends:

Made blanket patterned micarta with canvas and burlap
Table Tablecloth Rectangle Wood Textile

Jersey Sleeve Gesture Rectangle Finger

Bought some old carbon steel kitchen knives off eBay
Wood Knife Kitchen utensil Cutlery Tableware

re-scaled a couple of the knives with micarta and some 60-year old moose antler that was in a box of stuff from my great-grandfather.
Tableware Natural material Wood Cutlery Blade
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