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Opening Forecast on Cell Phone

I can open the Forecast PDF on my cell phone by leaving the Mountain Buzz app and using a browser to surf Mountain Buzz.

All seriousness aside, I mention this because several people have reported catastrophic results when trying to view the Forecast browsing MB using the MB app on a cell phone. I get the message, "File Broken" when trying to open using the app. Other people report that it causes the flashlight mode to blink continuously, vibrate mode to activate and get violent and the screen to spin in circles(not really but all of this would be kool to see, just not on your phone).

In all seriousness, browsing the Forecast hydrographs on a touch screen is fun. Depending on your connection, the report may take a few seconds to download. If the screen is fuzzy, give your smart phone a second or two to do its magic.
1 - 20 of 467 Posts