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putting in on deso July 8th was wondering about flows, bears and bugs. Does anyone have info about Deso? Group is trying to decide what our cutoof flow is
For your best response I suggest starting a new thread since more Buzzers will see your questions. This year and every year most of your questions can be answered by doing a search on perhaps "Deso" and browsing the search response.

Deso is low, 5520cfs. That is 37% of today's average as show in today's Down River Report. Boater launch at pretty low flows on Deso and it therefore will depend on your crew, boats and available time to do shorter days I guess.

In general, the worse bug times are high flow years that fill backwater eddies and then after peak flow but someone more experienced with Deso will be able to provide a better answer.
341 - 360 of 376 Posts