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Weight of real Hypalon vs the modern knock-off Hypalon?

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I managed to get my hands on an Avon Pro to test for a few days. When I unloaded it from the bed of my pick up, I couldn't help but notice how light it felt compared to my 14' NRS Otter. I inflated both boats, removed the thwarts, then picked them up with the hoist in my shop hanging off a scale. Even though the Avon is 16 feet, and has more seam tape and chafing strips, it weighs the same as my 14' NRS boat.

I don't know what fabric NRS uses, but its way heavier than the original Hypalon that Avon used. I have a hunch NRS is using that same heavy fabric that Riken used that made their boats handle like such pigs.

I think the original Avon fabric was Hypalon coated on both sides, and it seems like I read somewhere that NRS fabric has some kind of neoprene on one side? At any rate, it seems neither NRS or Hyside are using anything that is really even close to original Hypalon in terms of weight? My question is, is there something comparable to the old Avon Hypalon fabric available, like a different spec or grade of the stuff NRS and Hyside use? Any

I'm in the process of designing and building a new custom 16' boat, inspired by the design of the Pro, and if the NRS and Hyside production fabrics are the only things available in rubber, I think it makes more sense to go with plastic. Their fabrics are way too heavy.
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I don't think there is anything like the Hypalon Avon used. That being said I'm surprised you would be throwing shade at NRS/Hyside "Hypalon" and then jump strait to plastic in lieu. The NRS Otters use a lighter fabric if that's what you are after. I imagine they'd make an Expedition design with Otter fabric for you too.
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