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Wearing White after Labor Day or Boating?

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AW and others have been working with the City of Glenwood Springs to secure permanent water rights for the CO river in Glenwood. These rights are trying to be obtained to keep a steady flow through Glenwood Springs and beyond. Front Range water is the main obstacle. Their argument is that we don't need sustained flows after Labor Day. Apparently that is when they believe the boating season is finished.
If you love your river, your comment needs to be in by Nov. 21st. to the
City of Glenwood Springs.

101 West 8th Street
Glenwood Springs, Co 81601
[email protected]

We need your letters by Friday, November 21st!

Please send them to:
City of Glenwood Springs
Attn: Jeff Hecksel, City Manager
101 West 8th Street
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
[email protected]
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It won't happen over night and it will take a lot of work on the part of a lot of water users. Here's a model that may or may not work on the western slope

The Poudre Runs Through It
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