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Can anyone help me with downloading a .gpx file onto a Mac? I just switched from a PC which has my Mapsource program.
I downloaded the Garmin Roadtrip program which was the one that they told me would work for getting the waypoints onto my GPS (Colorado 400t). I got a Deso .gpx file from the website and put it on the desktop. When I tried to import the file to the Roadtrip program, it seemed to recognize the file, but it would not import
The Garmin Mac tech guy said it must be a bad file. I then talked to Duwann at Rivermaps and he assured me that he was using the most current mapsource file format.
I also tried a .gdb file with the same result.

Any Mac user have another option that might work for me.

For what it's worth, I would never go back to a PC.

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