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Wavesport Ethos Self Support Kayak

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Wavesport Ethos Self Support Kayak
*** SOLD ***

Grand Canyon Self Support Kayak and Gear for sale. I just finished my trip. Wave Sport Ethos 10, Watershed Futa & Salmon Gear Float & Aleutian Deck Bag, Groover and wrench, Seals cock pit cover & cockpit Seal, Grand Canyon Guide. MSRP $1600 Selling for $1000. Willing to travel a bit for the sale. Please spread the word and PM me if interested. 509-590-6843 or call.

Asking Price: $850.00
Condition: Excellent

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Grass Plant Vehicle

Make, Model: Wavesport Ethos 10
Year: 2014
Color: Hornet
City, State: Cheyenne, WY