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Want to rent a dory for Grand Canyon

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I have scored a permit on Grand Canyon for Feb 2024. this will be my 3rd trip down the ditch and I would like to row a dory. Is anyone willing to rent me theirs? or sell one? or join the trip in exchange for use?
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I looked into this before purchasing a Dory and found a friend that was willing but basically wanted a signed document saying I'd be responsible for any repairs needed done by a reputable Dory builder. At the end of the day, I decided to find my own since I just didn't want the responsibility of taking someone elses pride and joy down the river. I put in for a February GC trip for next year but didn't win but if I go, I wanna row my Dory. I've definitely let a bunch of other people row it, but usually for an hour or two on the easy stuff. The previous owner has asked to rent it from me for a trip but at the end of the day it just hasn't worked out and I think ultimately I'd be unwilling to let someone else take it out unsupervised.... especially a stranger.... so it just doesn't work really.

I don't know of any companies that rent them either. I think its just too much risk of high levels of damage and on river repairs take some knowledge and skill. There is probably someone willing... but I don't know anyone.

Plenty of time to build/buy one though. I'd consider one that has been well used so you don't wanna drown yourself when you hit a rock the first time. I ended up getting a beat up old Aluminum commercial Grand Canyon dory and its been a lot of fun. Boat seems huge on land but once you get it on the water it feels like its half the size. Definitely a pretty amazing way to go down the canyon.
Thanks. I understand the problem.
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Facecrack has a whitewater dories page, you might post in the dories section of this site. I can't imagine anyone letting you row theirs down there at what will be low water, but you might find someone willing to let you row theirs on flat water in exchange for a invite..

My 2 cents, YMMV
thanks. I will take a look.
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I've been thinking of selling mine. Doesn't get enough use and I have other drift boats. PM me if you want to talk. It's a pretty nice boat but not top of the line (restored older boat) so the price is reasonable View attachment 86165
I would like to talk. Email me at [email protected] please. R.
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