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Come on, think of the white water, the strong currents, the boulders
to avoid... Ok, ok, so rather it'll be trying to keep swimmers
going in a straight line (more difficult than you'd think) and
keeping power boats away from them.

If you're interested in helping out on either the 2.4/1 mile swim
or the 10K swim (1 boat per swimmer), drop me a line. As
with last year, the swim is a benefit for TEAM Fort Collins.

The race is this Sunday 8/10, bright and early. You'll need to
be at the start and ready to put on the water at 6:30am.
Race info, maps and the like are available at
Horsetooth Open Water Swim to benefit Team Fort Collins

Contact info is [email protected]

Otherwise have fun paddling and here's to hoping the
Poudre stays at ~2ft through August 18th.

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