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Just had an exchange of emails with the Price BLM, regarding the use of wag bags for an up-coming Deso/Gray trip.

I asked them if they were allowed or not and the Rec Assistant, Amy, sent me the following:

"Good morning,

Desolation Gray Canyons of the Green River will allow you to launch with a wag bag system. It is not our preferred method so we don't advertise it in all of our information.

The rangers comments on being sure your system will not leak is very true but that comment is true about any groover system. Assuring that the container will not leak if it tips over or goes in the river is of top priority.

The reason we don't activity advertise the use of Wag Bags is that the waste goes into the landfills rather than the septic system. We also ask that when using a wag bag system that you dispose of the waste somewhere other than our dumpsters at the take out.

The rangers on this section of the river work hard to educate users on why we ask what we ask of them, and not on chastising or stopping a trip. They take great pride in that.

Thanks for asking, hope this helps.


Amy Adams
Recreation Assistant
Price Field Office
125 South 600 West
Price, Utah 84513

I agree with her, wag bags aren't ideal - landfill instead of septic system. But, I already have a desert backpacking/climbing bag setup, and it's a lot smaller than a rocket box/groover system, much less $$ as well.

Now, if they'll permit use a giant teleporter to beam my truck and trailer down to the take-out, I'm all set...
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