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Video Probe Kayak of Middle Palguin Siphon Land Bridge

Lots of kayakers have been asking after the Middle Palguin August 2014 bedrock collapse and ultimate change to a land bridge and siphon if the Middle Palguin is runnable. What's at the bottom? What the interior cave looks like. And if we'd share photos.

Intermediate kayakers attending Patagonia Study Abroad's spring semester volunteered to take on the research and documentary style presentation of as many angles as they could safely conceive of the Middle Palguin. It was an amibitious project for video production students with no expedition experience.

We hope you enjoy the edit and that the shots and footage illustrate helpful angles of the big drop.

Here is also a link to a blog with photos and history of both changes and first descents the Middle Palguin has encountered over the past decade.

Click for Blog - Middle Palguin Siphon History and Before and After Photos

Edit credits - Video Production Profesora - Jacque Kelsall, Student Director - Joe Fender, Coach and safety coordinator - Pablo McCandless, Producer - David Hughes, narration student - Eric Mount, collective script and shot composition students - Robin Ruckhaus, Mitch Koehler, Krista Cawley, Joakim Jul, and Mason Pritchett.

We hope this is both entertaining and illustrates the best angles possible with respect to safety and the resources we had. Enjoy.
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