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PM me and I will send what I can. I just got back with friends a couple of days ago. There are some pictures in the gallery. They got pushed back by what looks like the upper secret stash bro! One car would only be doable on the runs count talked about in the first three days of his trip.
-If you don't have fourwheel drive and a shuttle driver or two four wheel drives and three days forget the santa maria. It is totally worth it to get a shuttle driver. It only took us seven hours total, car to car. The Hotel Huasteca Adventura just down from the San fernado in Valles has an awesome driver for $70 a day and he will help you up the ladders (gas not included).
-Micos and salto are self-explanitory. Easy shuttle jogged or hitch-hiked.
-my friends did the gallinas and said they would never do it again. Mucho Flatwater (75% of the run) with a three hour shuttle that requires 4wd at the end. Said they would rather do the frio, if it is running.
----Muy Importante-----
----New rapid on the salto. Second drop from the last. A whole section of the limestone fell downriver making a very nasty place to be. Like a lowhead backed up with undercuts.
The pool above actually dropped a full two feet and exposed a nasty rock at the very end of the left line in the third to last rapid. We called this third to last caldroun. The guide book mentions this rapid and says to sneek left. Beware this new rock exposed at bottom. We found an auto boof on the right through a bushwack that is much better.
Do not go near the lowhead on the left in the next rapid, the 2nd from the bottom. Portage and then go left for the last drop which is an auto boof off a ledge
--Another thing- only use the guide book as a resource to get to runs. Beta can be sketcky at best. Be prepared to scout.
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