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Unfortunately I can’t find anyone who’s not working and wants to head up to Vallecito wile its running and hasn’t gotten to high. So I decided to go hiking instead and see how she’s looking this spring.

There is still a good bit of snow in the parking lot but you can easily walk around it or on top of it as it’s been going through melt freezes cycles and has a good firm crust. The trail is mostly free of snow but there are still a few good patches to get through.

There is some new wood just before for the gage that you may be able to get over but it could also be time to take out. There is also a downed tree that fell into the river about 50ft after Fuzzy Little Bunny. At the 2.16 flow I was looking at, I don’t think you could get over it or it would be really sketch to try. You may be able to make a move around it on river left or you may be able to ketch a little eddy on river right and hop over it. It’s defiantly worth a look from the Little Bunny. However the scouting rocks on the Bunny have a good bit of snow, but you shouldn’t have too much problem getting out of you boats at least.

The log that was in no way out last fall during the heavy rains isn’t a problem anymore unless maybe you where swimming. Last fall some friends and I tried to both cut and pull it out but to no success. Over the winter the log has sunk deeper into the water and at a 1.4 level it was about 1ft under water. So by the 2.0 level it should be at least 2ft under water.

I haven’t scouted above the Little bunny so take your time. I would be up there in a jiffy if I had some time to go run it, so I would say that it’s mostly good to go.

Cheers to the upcoming high water
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