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Check em out at:
Oregon Rafting Team

This same venue will also host the R6 National Championships in May 2011.

The USRA Board is actively looking for a venue to host the 2012 Nationals.
The USRA works closely with the IRF to standardize raft racing. To find out what it takes to be a host for Nationals and get caught up with the international scene go to:
International Rafting Federation

Currently, the men's and women's teams from Timberline Tours of Vail have been working EXTREMELY hard in preparation for the R4 World Championships in the Netherlands. They have a fundraiser coming up, please consider supporting their efforts as they once again honorably represent the USA!
Their link and other info can be found at:
United States Rafting Association

We are working hard at developing our sport on team, one event at a time.

Tim Brink
USRA President
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