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I Have 2 of each of these fishing seat and bar units:

The NRS Stern Seat Mount attaches to the rear crossbar to put your angler up where the action is. The Swivel Fishing Seat rotates 360 degrees for unlimited casting angles. You can also attach the Anchor Mount to the seat bar.
The seat mount sits atop the raft stern tube to elevate the angler for good visibility and casting safety. $150.00 each

angler Seat Bars and swivel seat give you that great bird's eye view. Includes LoPro™ fitting, u-bolts, washers and nuts. The hole patterns on the plate can be used with an angler/swivel seat or regular low or high back raft seat. This bar is not for whitewater use.
Widths: 54" $100.00

These prices includes handeling but not shipping
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