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This is an urgent call to action from the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association. The Joint Budget Committee (JBC) of the Colorado General Assembly has recommended a 50 percent reduction in General Fund support to the operating budget of Colorado State Parks. Under this proposed budget cut scenario, Colorado State Parks might be forced to close at least 10 parks 2-3 days a week and completely close at least 10 additional parks.

The JBC is meeting to make a final decision on this proposed cut tomorrow, Friday March 12, 9:00am. Please make a phone call to or email the JBC members this afternoon, this evening, or early tomorrow morning, before their 9:00am meeting! Contact info is below. Additionally, I encourage you to trigger any phone trees your organization may utilize, and direct those contacts to also call the JBC.

Your urgent action is essential to prevent parks from closing and halt the slow degeneration of Colorado's world-renowned outdoor recreation opportunities. If we all work together, we can take an active role in preserving Colorado State Parks and the benefits they provide to the people of this state.

Included is the following information as PDF attachments:

1) A cover letter explaining in more detail the current situation facing Colorado State Parks.

2) A listing of the State Parks that would be affected by General Fund budget cuts.

3) Contact information for the members of the JBC

For more info on this issue, contact:

Barbara M. Wisney
CPRA, Executive Director
[email protected]
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