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Just wanted to send out an update on the current status for access to the take-out of upper North St. Vrain Creek. For those who don't know, upper North St. Vrain flows into Buttonrock reservoir which is controlled by the city of Longmont. After paddling North St. Vrain the only reasonable take-out requires traveling through the preserve, however a Longmont city ordinance states no watercraft is allowed. Over the years, most NSV boaters have violated the ordinance resulting in several unpleasant confrontations between boaters and the Rangers at Buttonrock. After last season, a group of boaters and reps. from CWWA and AWA started the process of working with the City of Longmont Waterboard, Buttonrock Staff, and the Longmont City Council to help improve the NSV access situation. The result of this work was approval for a two year trial period where boaters entering the Buttonrock Preserve via the mouth of NSV creek will be allowed to pass through the preserve. The rules of this pass through privilege will be available in a pamphlet at the entrance gate to Buttonrock Preserve and are attached below.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in this process for devoting their time and energy. In addition, the influence of CWWA and AWA was instrumental to this effort

I'd also like to ask any NSV boaters to remember that this is a trial period. Please make every effort to follow the rules as stated and try and get through the Buttonrock Preserve and quickly and quietly as possible. Fishermen will probably be most affected by our presence so please give them as much respect as possible. The City Staff and Rangers at Buttonrock were extremely supportive and went out of their way to help a small group of people who in the most part were disrespectful to their authority. Please do your best to make this work. Lets hope for a good NSV season and be careful up there!!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Peter Roth
[email protected]


Downstream pass through privilege for kayaks.

A trial program has been created to permit kayakers downstream passage through the Button Rock Preserve watershed area when entering from the Upper North Saint Vrain Creek upstream of Button Rock Dam. ALL OTHER KAYAK ACTIVITIES ARE PROHIBITED.

+ Only non-inflatable paddle-powered watercraft may pass downstream.
+ Entry with a kayak into the Preserve is only on the North Saint Vrain Creek upstream of Ralph Price Reservoir.
+ Watercraft and paddlers must continuously move through the Preserve in an easterly direction.
+ Paddlers shall make every attempt to not interfere with anglers fishing in the creek or reservoir.
+ Paddlers shall enter and exit the reservoir and creek only at the locations indicated on the map in this brochure, and to avoid hazards.
+ No watercraft may be paddled or carried in an upstream direction within the preserve.
+ All Colorado State whitewater rules apply.


The following rules have been adopted to provide recreational opportunities while insuring continued preservation of the natural resources and watershed facilities.

+ The preserve is open for walk-in visitors only.
+ Dogs must be leashed where posted.
+ Open containers of alcohol are prohibited.
+ Camping, building fires, hunting, and swimming are not permitted.
+ Do not damage property, facilities or the natural environment.
+ Watercraft activity and firearms transport are restricted within the preserve.
+ Fishing in Ralph Price Reservoir is allowed from May 1 through October 31 each year. An additional fishing permit is required.
+ Ice fishing and ice skating are prohibited on all of the waters at the Preserve.

These regulations are based on ordinances at Section 13.20 of the Longmont Municipal Code.

Longmont Water Utilities (303) 651-8376


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Upper North St. Vrain Creek Access

There were copies of the "Downstream pass Through privilege" trial rules in a mailbox labeled "Kayak Information" at the Button Rock Gate (North side of parking lot) as of 4/24
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