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Upper C map

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Hi guys, We are planning to float from Rancho to Dotsero and camp 2 nights. I had a wonderful map which i left on my coffee table back in NY. This will be our 4th time on this section but I would still really like a map to make sure were doing a good number of miles for each day, etc. We will be in Salida tomorrow. Is there anywhere I can get a map between there and Rancho? Thanks so much in advance! Kristy
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Really any "outdoor" shop should have the National Geographic Trails Illustrated #120 State Bridge/Burns, or use this. The pdf has decent maps with a lot of information.
Any decent fly shop along the way will have those nice "Float Information" fishing maps for all CO's rivers... They're $12 and show put ins and take outs for each river. Definitely handy!
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