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Hey all,

We should be running about 564 cfs from Green Mountain to the Lower Blue all weekend (8/20-8/22).

A note of caution: we've had several instances where cars have been left behind the gate after 7 p.m. on the weekends (Fri-Sun) and then again after 4 p.m. during the week (Monday-Thurs). Please PLEASE make sure you give yourself enough time to do the run and then get back to Green Mountain to retrieve your car.

As a side note: I suspect that the majority of those locked behind the gate at closing this past week have actually been fishermen/women. Because that group of recreators is a little more difficult to contact, I haven't been able to get notice of the new gate hours to them as well as I have the kayaking and rafting communities (thank you Mountainbuzz!). So, if y'all wouldn't mind, if you are up on the Lower Blue sometime this season and see a fisherperson, please mention that cars stuck behind the gate after closing are subject to towing.

Thanks--and happy paddling!
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