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May/June Play Run/Spot Description

For the May/June issue of American Whitewater, we will be running a wide array of play descriptions from across the U.S.. If you would like to write up your favorite spot or stretch of river, please include all of these sections.

Spot or river/section name
Location – i.e. “Western North Carolina,” or “Downtown Reno, Nevada”
Feature(s) – Does it have a wave, hole, both, anything else unique?
Season – When is it at its best? When does it run at all?
Flows – What is optimal flow? What are the minimum and maximum?
Beta – Where can you find information about flows, releases (if applicable), events, etc.
Description – Here’s where you tell us why this is your favorite spot/run and what makes it unique. Is it for experts only, or for all skill levels? What tricks are easy to do here? Is it close to a major population center or hours from anywhere? What is access like? Is the water warm or freezing? Are there any specific safety concerns? If it’s a single spot, does it change significantly with water levels? If it’s a play run, what are the highlights and what is the character of the run? Anything else you can think to write about…

All articles can be sent to me. Please include "AW article" in the subject line. We're looking for about 200 words and, ideally, a good picture.

Tim Catalano
Assistant Editor, AW
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