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Union Chutes Good to Go

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I swung by Union this morning. It looks really good for only 1000 cfs at the below chatfield gage. For those beginners asking where to practice, this is a great spot that is less continous than Golden (less likely to loose gear). For a subgnar playboater like myself, the surf looks surprisingly tasty.

Below Chatfield

Hollywood Hole

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Thank you! I was just going to mosey that way today or tomorrow... or ask here.
I was in it yesterday. There is a ton of trash in the eddies, but the holes are fun. I was considering trying to set up a day for clean-up. Would anyone be interested?
Yeah, friend of mine that rides his bike by there every day, was over last night, and said the "flotsam" was out of control.
Anyone been in there this week? Is anything surfable at 800?
I was there a couple of days ago at about 600+. I don't know the names of the drops, but if you count the dam as #1, then #2 is funky, #3 is the better play hole and #4 has a fast green wave with a small pile you can front surf all day long. I didn't check out much below that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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