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Do you ever check the Union gage just before leaving work at 5:00 and note that the 1:30 reading looks pretty solid, above 200 cfs. Then you throw your boat in the car and race on down to the chutes: Nothing. 150 cfs, maybe. You go back to work the next day and see that the 5:30 update to the Union gage read, sure enough 130 cfs.

You see, the only reason there's water at Union is because Chatfield is releasing. Check the Chatfield Gage:
to find if water's being released upstream.

I'm not sure what the lag is from a release at Chatfield to Union, but it's probably about an hour or so.

I'm quite new to this sport, so y'all are probably sayin' "duh" :roll: we all know this already.

Hope this helps other newbies.

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