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This may be a long shot but if anyone feels like doing a good deed I could use your help.
OK on Facebook, Boardworks Surf has a SUP photo contest in which I entered a photo of my 7 year old son paddling on the Rio Grande a month ago. My picture was in 1st place until today. A guy from Iowa pulled ahead claiming a vote for his photo of himself on the Mississippi is going to benefit a domestic violence shelter. Whatever. It's just a contest to win a paddle. So if any of my fellow buzzards feel like helping the Colorado kid beat the Iowa flatwater flatlander please go to your Facebook and go to Boardworks Surf to the photo contest and vote for my boy titled"never too young to start" submitted by Jake Propst.
You know I'd buy you a beer if I could.
Thanks for reading this and if you do vote let me know you voted on this link. Voting ends Friday, I'm probably going to lose but oh well I ain't too proud to beg. One more thing, Let it snow let it snow let it snow!
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