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Tree Blocking Entire San Miguel channel in Norwood Canyon Section

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Just below camp 1 on the San Miguel in the Norwood Canyon section (Beaver Creek to Pinyon) and just above the note posted below of wood in a right channel, there is a BIG pine tree that has been leaning for a few years, fell sometime Sunday June 22nd and it is TOTALLY blocking the river channel creating a MANDATORY portage.

Took a friend and I 1.5 hours to portage/bushwack 2, 12 ft catarafts around it. You can portage on the right, just before the tree. It is a big live pine with 100's of branches on it, so no way through. The trunk is sitting a couple inches off the water the whole way across.

The good news is we kind of created a trail!!! Bad news it is going to be a pain to get it out of there!
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