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Trailer wood coating?

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We bought a Harbor Freight trailer ( 4x8 ) and are getting ready to install the floor and box. We got marine grade plywood for the floor and we are wondering what to use as a coating to make it waterproof. Will regular wood water seal work?
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Exterior Latex Paint works well, is easy to apply and lasts longer than clear coatings. I am always concerned about the solvents in clear coatings getting into the seams in a PVC boat. I had a bad experience in the past, cost me a boat!
There's waterborne sealers such as Sikkens, that are not solvent based and hold up well to water and sun exposure. You won't have to worry about getting solvent in your crack...:)

Some folks here have also recommend Deckover and similar products, idk, I haven't tried them.

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I used Deck Over from depot- 2 coats- worked great.
Cetol DEK Finishes

Cetol DEK® Finish is a high-performance, translucent satin finish for exterior decks. This alkyd high solids formulation offers optimum protection, ultimate durability and a beautiful furniture-like finish with the simplicity of a one-product, two-coat application.

Water base, power wash and re-apply as needed.
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I wouldn't use deckover or any textured product for a trailer, you want the raft to slide on and off, not stick... that's my opinion anyways. I just decked a trailer with plywood and used some left over deck sealer weatherall I think was the brand. It didn't make the deck slippery like gloss paint but the boat it was built for slides just fine on and off. I think it's a good mixture of traction for your feet and sliding of the boat.

FYI I used Behr deckover for my decks and side rails on my raft and it's already failing (applied correctly in april or may), so I will be going a different route next time.
Some artificial grass carpeting from Lowes works pretty good..
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