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The Town of Avon is looking for up to 6 volunteers to help safety kayak for for the Dunk-N-Dash series on Nottingham Lake. It is for 4 Wed nights from 5:50- 6:30pm.

Read below for more info on the event or contact Danita Chirichillo at 748-4032 if you can help out.


For Immediate Release Contact: Danita Chirichillo
Town of Avon – Special Events


The Town of Avon presents the Dunk-N-Dash, a new biathlon series – and the first organized open-water swim race in the Eagle County. The Town of Avon launched the series last year with two events. This year the Town is expanding the series to include four Dunk-N-Dash events. The first race is Wednesday, July 26 and starts at 6:00 p.m. with an 800-yard open water swim in Nottingham Lake followed by a 5K run around the lake and along the Eagle River Recreational path, ending in Harry A. Nottingham Park.

Athletes throughout the Colorado Mountains have been searching for a place to prepare for open water races…and now they have a series of four events to help them prepare! The series is intended to act as a training ground for those athletes preparing for biathlons or triathlons in Colorado.

Swimmers in the Dunk-N-Dash should be prepared for water temperatures around 65-70 degrees. Wetsuits are required and are available to rent on site however, quantities are limited. The 5K run starts and finishes at the Lake’s pump-house. The running course runs north around Nottingham Lake, follows the path to Avon Elementary, and turns onto the scenic river recreation path. At “Bob The Bridge”, runners turn around and return on the same path, detouring to the south side of the Lake for the finish line.

Pre-registration is open until the day before each race day ($15/race) at Avon Recreation Center. Race day registration will open at 4:00 p.m. at the Registration Tent located by Nottingham Lake and is available for $20 cash only.

Nottingham Lake was originally the primary drinking water source for the Town of Avon, and swimming was not permitted. Since the addition of the Avon water plant in 1987, downstream from the Lake, it is no longer used as a drinking water source. It now provides an excellent opportunity for water-based recreation in the heart of Avon. The Eagle River and Buck Creek supply the Lake’s water. The combination of these two sources provides the ideal water conditions for the fish and plant life thriving in this waterway. There are storm drains around the Park that divert storm water from draining into the Lake.

This great natural resource has been used for fishing, paddle boating, windsailing, kayaking, wintertime ice-skating, and now swimming. Swimming in the Lake will only be permitted with organized races.

This event is made possible with support from the following sponsors: Vail Daily, Christie Lodge, FirstBank and TV8.

For more information please call 748-4060.
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