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Hi all, thought you might like to see a photo of a brand new tour bus sitting in the Colorado River. Turns out the bus was offloading concessionaire passengers at Lee’s Ferry, Arizona, and backed into the Colorado River after experiencing brake failure.

The almost two dozen passengers were arriving to embark on tour boats and raft the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park. This incident happened July 12, 2007. According to eye witnesses and National Park Service employees, the tour bus had just arrived at Lee’s Ferry and was beginning to offload passengers when the accident happened. Some of the passengers had to wade through the water to exit the bus.

You can see a photo of the bus taken by Megan Nicklaus before it was winched out of the river at:

Rafting_Grand_Canyon : Rafting Grand Canyon

Members of the Rafting_Grand_Canyon group can see an additional photo of the partially submerged bus in the photos section.

Tom Martin
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