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And thank you for bringing her paddle to the path side of the river. You really helped make her rough day a lot better. I hiked up to the path after towing her boat to the other side, what a btch of a hike at that spot! She was right there talking to some friends of ours from Glenwood who just happened to be riding by. What a coincidence on both accounts. She was unbelievably happy to know she had her boat. On her walk down the path in search of her boat she had told herself that she was quitting kayaking if she lost the boat. So glad that wasn't the case!

The friends rode up and grabbed the paddle and we hiked back down to the river to continue on. Only it wasn't to be. We discovered the foot foam had been washed down stream and her wee little legs couldn't reach the foot brace adjusted all the way forward. After her rough experience she wasn't quite feeling up for the rest of the run rattling around in her boat. So I paddled the rest of the run, biked back up to her, gave her the bike to finish running shuttle and I paddled her boat out.

That was a tricky paddle as I exceed the weight range of her boat. Another thanks to the rafters who let me tag along the first trip down and the kayakers who let me do the same in her boat even though I was tired and flailing in that thing.

Maybe I can paddle Slaughterhouse with you guys under better circumstances. She won't be trying that stretch again for a little while...

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