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Sorry I lost your email address. The boat is "on consignment" in a local rafting company's boathouse, I had intended to go pick it up tonight, pay the commission, tell them I had a buyer, then take it on a little road trip for one last make-or break paddle (either I have a nice time driving for an hour and boating for two, or I don't) the outcome would have affected my decision.

Unfortunately, as I wen't to cash my paycheck at Wal-Mart, the new manager decided to play a trick on me and sent me to get my check cashed at register 7. Okay, sure, too busy to deal with me like you normally do.. cool. So I stick my head around the isle and see that the equally employed mentally handicapped woman is manning isle number 7. Thats when I forgot what my social security number was. Thats when the guy behind me said "They cash paychecks at Wal-Mart? Hey, son, come here!"

Desperately needing to gas up my ride, I summoned some official sounding number from the back of my blackened brain, and about 20 minutes later, the clerk handed me a reciept which stated that Wal-Mart would not cash my check for me. SO .. I left, got in my car, and looked at my drivers liscense, the number I had given them was in fact, my drivers liscense number. Now I can remember my social security number! Back inside, to the same register, and 10 minutes later, the EOM woman is counting back a stack of .. not Benjamins, that is, unless Abraham Lincoln was ever known as Ben ..

Long story even longer, by the time I got to the boathouse, they were closed up for the night, and the kayak was nowhere in sight. Did they sell it already? I don't know, and highly doubt it. I have to be in Gunnison all weekend.. tomorow night? .. Anyway, I LOST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS .. sorry .. about the capslock too ... and about the publicity .. send me an email so I know how to get ahold of you.
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