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so i was browsing around and came across the Marble Tourism Association, and apparently we have it all wrong. i quote, "(Note: Some of the kayaking guidebooks have misnamed “Marble Falls” as “Miller Falls.” In turn, the ice climbing guidebooks have misnamed “Milton Falls” as “Marble Falls.” Let’s get it straight: “Marble Falls” is located above Beaver Lake in the Crystal Gorge. It is NOT to be called “Miller Falls”. “Milton Falls” is located just south of the west end of the Marble airstrip, near Mile Marker 4 on County Road 3. This is the waterfall formed by Milton Creek cascading off the creek—consequently, “Milton Falls.” It is NOT “Marble Falls.”)"

note the bold text, to emphasize the anger behind it.

this can be found on Marble Tourism Association - Kayaking the Crystal River

so i guess we've got it all wrong. milton falls is big and scary, my best friends dad lives right below it and weve looked at it a bunch of times. lands on rocks really. below there to the crystal might go. and its marble falls, not millers! so i learned something today
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