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This is a great time to wrap up the summer with the Throw Down Show Down as we get ready to hybernate during ski season, and for the lucky few, follow the water through the winter. To end this summer on a friendly not with a little freestyle competition, we would like to invite the kayaking community to join the 2009 U.S. Team Trials Organizing committee in Glenwood Springs at the Throw Down Show Down.

Please register between 10 & 11 a.m. for $25 plus a $10 ACA fee (if not already a member).

The competition begins at 11 a.m. with a competitor's meeting.

There will be men's and women's divisions for Cadets (14 & under), Juniors (14-18), Adult Novice (18-45), Adult Expert (18-45), and Masters (45+).

Join in on the fun and your shot at over $2000 worth of prizes!

See attached poster!

***Volunteers needed, please contact Brooke @ (970)343-9724.***


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