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The Throw Down Show Down in Glenwood Springs had a great turnout with nearly 40 competitors, amusing anouncing, and talented performances in the whitewater park. All who attended must have been stoked for the opportunity to session the feature with tunes, friends, and tons of spectators. There were also great prizes thanks to the sponsors Glenwood Canyon Kayak, Teva, PowerBar, Smith, On Target Massages, and more. Also, thanks to Post Independent and the Chamber of Commerce for a great job promoting the event! ,

The competition held for the U.S. Team Trials Organzing Committee, the City of Glenwood Springs, and the kayaking community to prepare for the U.S. Team Trials in Glenwood Springs May 30, 2009 was a huge success.

We appreciated having the Operation Vacation guys, hosts of Yagatta Regatta, provide concessions at the event. The Throw Down Show Down in Glenwood Springs, preceded by the Bro Throw held during Yagatta Regatta 2008, has already started to further connect the kayaking community with Yagatta Regatta for the 2009 U.S. Team Trials which will be held the same weekend.

Colorado has to be honored to have qualifier for freestyle kayaking international events held two summers in a row. After the National Championships in Salida during FIBArk, the Throw Down Show Down in Glenwood Springs helped smooth out this transition to the U.S. Team Trials in Glenwood Springs, as the Throw Down Show Down was held years ago in Salida and Buena Vista to raise money for a young U.S. Team Member to travel and compete in freestyle kayaking.

Thanks for the interest in the story of the Throw Down Show Down, which connects the kayaking community beyond the event on September 21, 2008. It was held simultaneously with International Peace Day!

Video and photos of athletes can be attained by emailing [email protected] for promotional purposes. HUGE thanks to 2 Rivers Productions and A Funky Little Mountain Flower for their contributions of services, materials, and time!

Pro Men:
1) Conner Flynn
2) Jonny Meyers
3) Jed Selby

Expert Women
1) Adrienne Prosser
2) TIE Lauren Burress & Brooke Bevan
3) Ali Wade

More Soon!
Nico Tonozzi won cadets, and Sage Franz won juniors.
Jessi Heitzman won Jr. Women's
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