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Interesting question.

this summer I had a variation on this question. My trailer has a flat board across the front. Like an air dam / cargo protector right at the front of the trailer. I transported the motor lying down in the trailer, but at the dock / driveway I’ll just hang it on this air dam thing.

I started to wonder why I dont just tighten it down there and transport that way. It would save space and hassle. Add weight to the nose of the trailer, etc.

The top of the air dam has a strong piece of angle iron at the top and my motor is small. It doesn’t weigh much and the bottom prop guard barely extends an inch below the trailer deck. it would definitely work.

But….I never did transport that way because I was afraid of the excessive vibration and bouncing that it would get (not to mention the mess it could collect in road flung dirt and rocks).

but it would be a lot easier to transport that way. Should I have done it /do it in the future?
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