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Thoughts on cutting up my steel frame

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Ok, newb to the forum and new to catarafts with the purchase of a 10 year old Aire Ocelot 14'. It's got a Recretec 72 std. steel frame and here's the question, I'd like to cut the frame behind the seat, then sleeve and pin the 2 halves for easier storage and hauling the beast to messy ramps and put-ins. Bad idea to lose the one piece rigid frame? or great idea for mid 60's couple w/ weak backs! Probably not going to use a trailer for awhile so the whole rig has to fit in the back of a 8' Tundra bed. Tubes and gear fit fine in back but the "boat anchor" frame has to go on top. CHOP or NOT ?
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just ran numbers and browns cayun with a 3 peice nesting frame on 32 inch between the tubes. 14 ft air tubes , straps only
you can move the oar frame forword or back and have fun .keep it lite except for the beer.
Chop that Pig. You could also just have them cut it directly behind a cross bar and weld a plate on the open pipe to keep water from getting inside. Then have them weld an additional cross bar on the rear section. This would allow you to have two independently functioning sections so you don't have to deal with sliding the two half's together. There is plenty of stiffness in the tube to accommodate the modular frame concept.
Good Luck
Depending on how well it was made it might not fit together well as the pipe may be under stress

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Chop shop

Yep, I like the 2 separate module idea (cut and crossbar it). My local chop and weld guru from Baghdad! is just the guy to do it, too. Thanks for all the responses- this newb will have more questions, too.
Cutting it in the middle might not be a good idea, as the joint will be subject to stress from flexing both from waves and from being pulled up on the bank while unloading and loading.

I'd probably cut it into three pieces, a bow section, a midsection, and a stern piece. That would keep the lengthwise pipe solid at the point of the most flex/stress. You'd also want to maybe add some drops (vertical pieces) so each part of the frame is boxed (that is, braced in three dimensions).

(I've built quite a few cat frames and run them in a wide range of conditions.)
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